What We Do

The College Family Plan is designed to reduce out of pocket expenses for college, reduce or eliminate college debt, and walk with families and students as they navigate the preparation, selection, admissions, and funding road to college. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


Our Instructors

Greg Phelps

greg phelps

Greg has a passion to help families avoid college debt.  Having grown up in a low income home, gift aid should have been more readily available.  Unfortunately, his parents made too much money during his base year the FAFSA uses, and the amount his parents were expected to pay for college was too high.  Greg decided to wait a year and make money before he went to college.  Living on his own he saved enough to pay for almost a full year’s tuition at the private college he chose.  After the money was gone, the financial aid office’s solution was a loan.  After a semester of financing college, he decided that was not going to work.  He learned how the financial aid office worked and the second semester of his sophomore year was fully paid for by others.  To further reduce costs, Greg hustled to finish college in three years.  His final year cost him less than $100 dollars.

Gregory’s career which has included being a guidance counselor, school board member, and financial advisor has made him uniquely qualified to help the students and families he has taught over the last 15 years understand the process of college funding.

brian ergle


Brian's passion is to help families.  His experience as a youth pastor, financial pastor and educational software representative has given him a unique perspective of the emotional, financial and educational needs of students.  His ability to guide families through the great question, "What is God's will for my life...Auburn or Georgia Tech?" is a tremendous asset to any family.



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