The countdown is on.  College is just around the corner for your student.   Although it is hard to think about, the earlier you begin to prepare, the better the process will be.  Planning and preparation are critical in positioning your student and family to find the right college at the right price.  Every parent asks “When do I begin planning?”  The answer is NOW!  Come learn how to get started. 

The College Family Plan Workshop topics include: 

*How to navigate the admissions and college funding process. 

*How to build a college resume/profile. 

*Money is available no matter if your income is $50,000 or $250,000 per year. 

*How to minimize your out-of-pocket costs. 

*How to have schools competing over your student and with each other. 

*Your EFC (Expected Family Contribution) is key and strategies to make your EFC work for you. 

*How to avoid common mistakes on the FAFSA. 

*The importance of a timeline and meeting deadlines. 

*Understanding the process so you don't leave thousands of dollars on the table. 

Finding the right university combined with a strategic approach to funding is essential to your student earning a degree that will propel them toward success. The College Family Plan gives answers from your perspective, and provides valuable tools and resources to help your student achieve their dreams.

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